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the opinionated beer page is dedicated to good beer. we'll tell you what's good, what sucks, and why a beer we happen to love isn't sold near you. we are not going to tell you what the best beer to get wasted with is. if that's why you're here, you're probably not going to like our reviews. we care about taste. we're willing to drink less and enjoy the flavor. we suggest you do too. cheers!

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We are about beer reviews, and this is where you will find them. You can browse by country or brewery, and soon to come browse by rating and search however you want.

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Columbus Brewing IPA
Diamond Bear Rocktoberfest
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Last update: October 21, 2013

What happened?!

My last web host gave me a quick deadline to get off, which meant rewriting years of code, faster than I was able. Much of what you were used to at tobp is currently in the process of being moved over.