Hi all, Kris here. So you want to know who is behind all of this? Who has so little time to drink beer and let the world know it? What makes these guys tick? Before I start yakking your ear off, click on the thumbnail image to the left. It's a picture of your ever-lovin' editors, Kris and Steve (that's me on the left). And before you ask, no, we don't dress like that every day. That picture was taken at Steve's hot and muggy outdoor wedding in July, 1997.

June 2014 note: I don't think any of this has been changed in maybe 10 years. I'll update it soon. -Kris


Steve was originally a non-drinker, a member of a SADD-type organization in high school...things changed in college. As a member of a fraternity, he pledged to remain a non-drinker, and remained so until November of his first semester in the University of Arkansas. And things went downhill from there. Originally sucking down such monstrosities as wine coolers, Long Island Iced Teas, and Tequila Sunrises, Steve quickly found a steady, non-violently ill haven in Beer. However, taste was important, not price, so he shied away from the Beast and Busch, which everyone else was downing, and went for Michelob...the good stuff. Very quickly, he realized that there was so much more to drinking, and it was important to try them all. Having a friend who tended bar and later operated a liquor store didn't hurt.

Steve graduated college in 1994 and returned to his native New Jersey, where he enjoyed a much different selection of beers, from all over the world. Oh, and he started working, too. Now working in an industrial sales position, he earns enough money to not only keep his ass out of debtor's prison, but also to see an occasional Devil's game with his good friend Kris, as well as providing the excellence in beer reviews that you see here. His vast experience in beer tasting (OK, not as vast as Michael Jackson, but pretty vast for Highlands NJ) was especially handy in providing for his wedding guests (Summer of 97) with some excellent choices. His next goal is to operate, successfully, the home brew kit given to him by his wife. Hopefully, you will see some comments and recipes in the near future. Either that, or comments damning the whole attempt.

The pic is of Kris, Steve, and Emily at a Devils-Thrashers game in March 2003.


Kris began his drinking career when he was 20 years old, sticking mainly to the megabrews. Bud and Miller Lite were his usual requests. Unlike Steve, Kris' early voyages into liquorville were laden with illness. He spent many a night praying to the porcelain goddess. Very quickly Kris decided that mixed drinks allowed him to get drunk much quicker than beer. Of course, it wasn't a question of beer OR mixed drinks, it was a question of how much of each he could handle. Which explains why his friends wound up peeling him off the bathroom floor too many times to count.

Once Kris was out of school, he cut down dramatically on drinking. Since he wasn't using beer to get drunk anymore, he could now concentrate on how it tasted. It was about this time when he decided Bud was total crap. He started drinking more micro and less megabrews.

Most of Kris' free time was spent on his computer until he met the woman he married. He is a volunteer firefighter at the West Milford Fire Department. Kris still tries new beers whenever he is able, but spends more time tweaking the beer page and leaving the reviews to Steve. And that's a big hint on who to complain to if you don't like something here.

Guest Reviewers

The following guys signed on for a brief while, helping write reviews for us when they could. Many thanks goes out to them.

These guys sent us emails or signed the guestbook, letting us know of a beer they liked or disliked that we missed. We liked their reviews so much we decided to add them as reviews for TOBP.