Mahr's Weisse

Bamberger Mahr's-Bräu Gebr. Michel


You know what I absolutely love about a real German Weisse? Even the mediocre ones are great. I mean it. Some things, with the occasional Umlaut here, a 3-pointed star there, a fat monk holding a Steinkrug of beer with the head overflowing, just can't be beat. I got to thinking that this was hardly the best Weissbier that I've ever had, but then I got to thinking how much better then some of the dreck brewed here in the US, and I didn't feel so bad. Sure, there are issues of not shaving legs, wearing stripes with plaids, and occasionally marching an army division through Paris or Warsaw. But their Weissbiers just kick ass.

Reviewed: October 01, 2005

Rating: 5/10

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