Hofbräu Original

Hofbräuhaus München


Hofbräu Original is brewed by one of the breweries that practically defines Oktoberfest in München. Their beer tent is by far one of the more famous, and their logo, a simple HB with a crown over it is one of the more recognized symbols of German brewing, so this is a beer you simply cannot pass up. While Becks, DAB and Bitburger are more common over here in the US, it's Hofbräu that preserves the good name of German beers. It has a nice malty flavor, with a definite taste of hops. Although it's no stronger then American lagers, this is the type of beer that makes many Americans think that German beers are a lot stronger. That little extra is simple....in English, it's called "flavor."

Reviewed: September 23, 2006

Rating: 6/10

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