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Miller Brewing Co


Alright, so here's the deal. I'm writing this review while three sheets in the wind. Now if you're insulted by that, leave now and go to a serious review site; we're here for fun. And besides, can you really take seriously a Miller product (already crummy at best) adulterated with lime and salt? I thought not. Moving on, I encountered this several days ago and laughed out loud. "No way," I thought. But being the altruistic, human-centered hand-holding mama-type I am, I decided to suck it up and take the bullet for you gentle readers. so I coughed up the nearly eight bucks for a six-pack and tried a couple. Outcome: those of you with kids have no doubt lived through stomach viruses at your house, and have had to live on Pedialyte for a few days until stomachs settle. Well, picture Miller Beer mixed with some sort of lemon-lime-Pedialyte concoction, and there you have this beer. It is unspeakably foul and in a vomit-green bottle to boot. So knock yourselves out if you want to try it, but don't be pissed if you have stomach spasms, come back here to bitch, and be met with my "I told you so." And you're welcome for my taking the bullet. And now I'm going to go raise the fourth sheet...

Reviewed: March 17, 2007

Rating: 0/10

This is a "chelada" style beer. Chelada is defined by The Urban Dictionary as the following: (n) "The liquid created by rotting refuse in communal garbage dumps in Mexican peasant villages." OK, that's kind of crap, but then again, so is this beer. To be honest, it's better tasting than most Miller products. It's made with salt and lime, and the lime is very evident in the taste, but in the smell, it's salty, like ocean water, and not at all pleasant. This would be passable as a lawnmower beer if you have sinus congestion, or in Beer Can Chicken, to give the chicken a nice lime flavor, but there is nothing else redeemable about this. I believe it's Miller's attempt to compete with Corona, and I'll give them that, it's better than Corona, but that's like comparing a Fiat to a Ford Pinto.

Reviewed: July 04, 2007

Rating: 1/10

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