Hofbrau Maibock

Hofbräuhaus München


I could not BELIEVE my good fortune at finding this beer. We were down in San Antone having a weekend frolic, and stopped in the local grocery to beer up, when I blundered into this little gem. I stuck it into a dark corner of the van (green bottle), and began to yearn for our vacation to end so I could try it at home. Got home, got it chilled to a favorable temperature, poured it up, and admired the handsome color and savored the delicious malty aroma. Now more than once, friends, I have been let down by a beer that others rave about. Anticipation has led to crushing disappointment. Not so this time; this is deliciously malty, a little sweet but not annoyingly so, and pleasantly hopped. A real winner. I'm now jealously guarding and parceling out the remaining four bottles. If you see it on the shelf next year, I highly recommend trying it.

Reviewed: December 22, 2007

Rating: 8/10

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