Ettaler Curator Dunkler Doppelbock

Ettaler Klosterbrauerei


This is probably the least-known German Doppelbock wich you are likely to see in your retailer. I've never seen it myself until recently. It certainly has the Doppelbock alcohol level, at 9%, but it was almost undetectable. I didn't get a nice alcoholic throat-burn that I normally get, and I didn't really feel it that much. And the malt sweetness was kind of overpowered by a kind of metallic flavor in the background, which I wasn't thrilled with. Not rusty drain pipe metallic, but there was something of metal origin in the flavor. Who knows, maybe it was stored upside down before hitting the shelf. Not the worst Doppelbock, but I imagine if given the choice, you might want to skip over this and look for Salvator or Celebrator.

Reviewed: July 19, 2009

Rating: 5/10

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