Weihenstephaner Vitus

Bayer, Staats-Brauerei


There are few words in the English language (or, in this case, German) that will attract my attention more than "Weizenbock." Maybe, "Hey, check out her boots!" or "ooh, free cheesecake samples at Costco." But after that, it's all Weizenbock. Think about it. Wheat. Bock. And to top it off, it's brewed by Weihenstephaner. That's like saying, "Sir, thanks, but this lap dance is on the house." I love Weizen beers. I love Bocks. Is there anything not to love when you combine the two? Nice lemon taste, bready, with a gold color, and an alcoholic kick that you don't really notice until after it's all gone. The only question is wondering why more American breweries aren't trying to copy this.

Reviewed: August 02, 2009

Rating: 9/10

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