Eastside Dark

Lakefront Brewery, Inc


There are certain characteristics of a dark lager (Dunkel) that everyone who enjoys the style (such as myself) look for. First, the color....often around the same consistency of cola, with a tinge of red when held up to the light. Check. Then there's the aroma. You want to smell the roasted malts, the coffee or chocolate-like aromas. Ehh, a little bit. And finally, the taste needs to explode with those same roasted malts. Not heavy on hops, you want the roasted malt flavor to dominate. You want a kind of smokey taste, something that might complement a good pork roast. And this is where Lakefront seemed to fail. They started off with a great color, gave it a decent aroma, and couldn't lift it up with flavor. It was an OK beer, but it was below average in style, because it couldn't give me that roasted mouthfeel I was looking for. I've seen some above-average reviews of this beer, so maybe I'll come back to it, or try a fresher example, but for now, the best I can say is that it didn't taste like an old ashtray, which many of its failed contemporaries resemble.

Reviewed: June 26, 2011

Rating: 4/10

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