Weihenstephaner Dunkel Hefeweissbier

Bayer, Staats-Brauerei


Literally, a dark version of the hefeweissbier. Pretty good, this has a thick, malty, wheaty taste. This is surprisingly good in warm weather, but drink it cold. The oldest brewery has had time to iron out the kinks.


Rating: 8/10

As George Carlin would say, "You know, you grow." I originally reviewed this beer God knows when (sometime during the euphoric Clinton administration when everyone had jobs, IT workers lived and worked in the US, and the Dollar ro-sham-boed the Euro on a daily basis). Dunkel Hefeweizen are incredibly complex. You have that lemon flavor and banana aroma from the wheat, and a nice muddy brown, or dark orange color, tan head, and on top of the citrus wheat flavor, you have some heavier fruit flavors found in some Belgian ales.....a touch of prune and raisin, a dash of chocolate, and a nice vanilla/bready flavor. Dunkel Hefeweizen combine a few of my favorite beers in one, so I grab them when I see them.

Reviewed: March 22, 2009

Rating: 8/10

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