Spaten Pils



This is listed as a malt liquor...which means, thanks to our Bible Belt laws, that while it is not a malt liquor, it does have a fair amount of alcohol. Plus, it comes in a .5L bottle, so it packs a kick. Mine tasted a little skunky, so maybe this isn't the beer for you. Unless you want to pay $6 to get completely wasted (that's how much 3 bottles would cost), and do it with Eurotrash style.

Reviewed: October 12, 1999

Rating: 3/10

This was the last beer I tried at my cousin's graduation party. Not a good one to finish on. It had a skunky smell when I opened the bottle, and a skunky taste to match. Seeing as I was already ripped at that point, I figured it'd be better to sober up then try to gag my way through it. Great party, though.

Reviewed: January 14, 2006

Rating: 2/10

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