Samuel Adams Octoberfest

Boston Beer Co


This was an Okely-Dokely Oktoberfest. Sorry, had to sound like my beer calendar. You will find that the German ones are a lot stronger with more of an alcoholic presence, but this isn't too bad. This is a lot smoother, so I think this will have more mass appeal. Nice malty texture, but I would've liked a bit more of a kick. Unfortunately, that probably would've made it illegal in Georgia. If you're looking for Spaten, forget it, but if you want to hang out at Taco Mac and act like a poseur, drinking this in late October even though Oktoberfest ended over two weeks ago, this is your beer.

Reviewed: November 01, 2003

Rating: 6/10

The latest version of Sam Adams Octoberfest (notice the C and not a K...that way they can say they're the best or most popular Octoberfest) is pretty good. The most impressive thing about it is the color; it pours a brilliant reddish amber, very cool. Doesn't taste bad either. Sweet malty taste, mild hops, easy to drink. Worth trying, but I'm not upset that it's a seasonal and not a regular.

Reviewed: January 17, 2004

Rating: 6/10

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