Weihenstephaner Festbier

Bayer, Staats-Brauerei


This beer is not for a novice. It comes in a .5L bottle, and is 5.8% alcohol by volume, so it packs a whollup. If you are new to stronger beers, and drink it all right away, you will notice the kick right away. It's a Festbier (as in Oktoberfest), meaning that this is the special reserves left over from the batches brewed earlier in the year, saved for the Oktoberfest shindigs; thus they are packed full of alcohol, maltiness and flavor. It's smooth enough that you can drink quite a few (thus being ideal for a "Fest," or festival), but be careful and know your limits. As I've mentioned in other reviews, this is brewed by the world's oldest brewery, and these guys have clearly perfected the craft. One of the better examples of the style that I have had. Well done indeed. Also, I put this down and forgot about it; when I went back for it, it still tasted fantastic...even as warm as it was (near room temp).

Reviewed: October 26, 1999

Rating: 9/10

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