Hoopers Lemon Hooch

Wm Hooper & Co


The ads use a hooligan- sounding Englishman to push this alcoholic lemon brew. The label on the neck says that it's "English Original." However, it also says "Made in USA." This ad scheme by many companies is getting too weird, pretending to be from someplace they're not. One thing's for sure, though. This stuff is good. Many people down a few beers after laying mulch, mowing the lawn, or yanking weeds. Screw that, drink this instead. Cool, refreshing, thirst quenching, yet enough alcohol to make pulling weeds not seem so crappy. This is similar to One-Eyed Jack in flavor, but Hootch is much better. Not so tart, smoother, more drinkable. For the college girls who throw down wine coolers, this is for you. You will probably look a little cooler, almost like you're drinking a beer. And this will get you drunk quicker than Bud (in most states), with 4.7% ABV.

Reviewed: December 07, 1999

Rating: 8/10

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