Löwenbräu Premium Lager

Labatt Breweries


This is another Cana-lager; A German beer (normally brewed in Munich) brewed in Canada under license (since Labatt's imports it to the US, I'll go out on a limb and suggest they brew it, which isn't a bad thing). Löwenbräu is always one of my sentimental favorites since it was one of the first beers I started drinking in college, but it is a decent beer. It's crisp, clean, no foul aftertaste, just a basic lager. This beer won't disappoint you too much if you're in the mood for something basic, unless you are offended at the thought of paying more than $12.99 for a case of beer (like Bud).

Reviewed: April 07, 2001

Rating: 6/10

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