Tucher Helles Hefeweizen

Tucher Bräu


I had one main thought after drinking this beer. With beers like this out there, why would anyone reasonably want to drink anything remotely resembling Budweiser? I could see if it was a financial thing. No arguement there, this beer is more expensive. But taste? Let me digress here and ask most Bud drinkers this question: Say you had unlimited resources to drink whatever beer you wanted. Would you honestly, truly, still be drinking Bud? If you say yes, you're either crazy or lying (I'm being diplomatic here; Kris would say you're stupid or lying, I'm suggesting crazy as a better way to phrase it). Of course not, you'd be drinking something like Tucher. Anyway, this beer rocks. Gold in a bottle. Creamy head, smooth flavor, a nice hefe all around. However, this doesn't have the floaties that a lot of hefes tend to have, so if that creeps you out, you might want to try this one. Personally, I like Paulaner better, but nonetheless this was a truly good drinking experience. Can anyone say that about Bud? Sorry, haven't trashed Bud in a while, afraid I was losing my edge.

Reviewed: January 04, 2002

Rating: 8/10

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