Pete's Wicked Red Rush Ale

Pete's Brewing Co


This has the same coloration as the "red" pioneer in the US market, Killian's. That's pretty much it as far as comparison goes. It does have caramel malt, but the caramel flavor isn't as evident as it is in Killian's. I couldn't taste the caramel at the first sampling, but I just had a heavily marinated london broil for dinner. I had a second bottle a night later, and it was more evident, but still not as present as Killian's (and if you disagree, remember, we all have different taste buds, so go pound sand). The flavoring was very balanced, easy going down, and didn't have too strong a background. Pretty much indicative of most Pete's beers. I bought a six pack of this, and I'll have no problem finishing it. With an alcohol content of 5.3%, it has just enough to smooth out the edges but not too much to make you hit on your neighbor's wife, unless you drink all six (or unless you would do that sober).

Reviewed: March 16, 2002

Rating: 7/10

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