Herrnbräu Kristall-weizen



True to style, tasty, crisp, and would go with just about anything (or drinkable on its own). Unfortunately, few can afford to drink at this price. This is a pretty typical German Weizen, so if you're looking for something reliable but cheap, I'd recommend going for something else because this won't knock your socks off. It's good, but it's like comparing the Toyota Camry with the Saturn L300. The Saturn has as good an engine, as big a passenger and cargo area, and looks as good, if not better, so why not buy it (and for the record, I've driven both and own the Saturn, so if you want to debate that argument, don't bother). Sorry, not a great review, but I've had this beer before but with other breweries' labels on it. Maybe it's better in Germany, since they always water their best stuff down before sending it over (so do those f'n Canadians).

Reviewed: April 27, 2002

Rating: 7/10

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