Old Milwaukee

Stroh Brewery Co


After a hard day of fishing and hunting, I drove home to my trailer, put on a clean wifebeater t-shirt, turned on a wrestling match (I wish the Rock was our Secretary of Defense), opened up a can of Old Mil, and declared, "It doesn't get any better than this." Fortunately, it does get better, as none of the above is true (although, it would be cool if the Rock was SecDef). Due to popular demand, I decided to buy this; unfortunately, I couldn't find a single bottle or can, so I had to get a six pack....of Tall Boys! Old Mil (AKA Old Swill, AKA "You bought WHAT??? (my wife's nickname for it)), this is a past gold winner of the American light lager division of the Great American Beer Festival. In all honesty, it's really not that bad, but it did have a lingering metallic taste, which I can taste on any canned beer (except Keystone, which tastes like bottled beer in a can). Compared to Bud, Coors, and Miller, I guess I have to give Old Mil credit. I just wish they still had the Swedish Bikini Team...it would make drinking this a little better. (Addition added 9/6/2003): Theres a gardening trick to get rid of garden slugs, put a saucer of beer out and leave a trail of beer up to it (I guess the beer drowns them, or the alcohol kills them). Upon viewing 5 enormous, fat slugs in my driveway I tried this method, using an Old Mil tallboy. Of course, I got impatient and picked up the slugs and dumped them into the beer. The next morning, all 5 were floating in the beer, dead. So, my scientific study showed that Old Milwaukee is fatal to 5 out of 5 slugs.

Reviewed: December 09, 2002

Rating: 4/10

Apparently, Steve never finished the six of this, as he gladly gave me one to sample. So I'm guessing it's about six months old by now. And honestly, it's not that bad. I disagree with the can, which states, "America's Best Tasting Beer." Although I also see that it was the 1999 Gold Medal Winner at the GABF (that's the Great American Beer Festival, for all you beer newbie/bud drinkers). Ok, so compared to the competition in the American-Style Lager category, I might give it a gold also. Ah, what the hell, give it a shot.

Reviewed: August 23, 2003

Rating: 6/10

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