Ayinger Bräu-Weisse Hefe-weize

Brauerei Ayinger


All hefe-weizen should be a total sensory experience (or as much as you can get with a beer). Noticeable taste, smell, and look in the glass. I guess you could pour it on yourself to get the feel of it, but that would be weird. Anyway, this was no exception. When I poured it into a glass, I sat there and smelled it for about a minute, like you would with brandy. Hefe's have a distinctive smell, like lemon furniture polish, that in the right setting is awesome. The taste was right on as well, with that same lemoney, yeast background. Overall, a perfect beer for a warm summer night, as well as the one I chose for my 30th birthday. I will have to remember this when I'm in the mood for a hefe-weize.

Reviewed: December 14, 2002

Rating: 8/10

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