König Ludwig Weiss

K├Ânig Ludwig Schlossbrauerei


A good Bavarian hefe-weizen, although my wife tried to spook me by saying that it looks like urine from someone with a bladder infection. However, the joke's on her because most hefes look like this beer, so I guess they all look like that. This is my favorite style, so it's hard to freak me out over these beauties. This fit the bill of the good ones....malty, kind of creamy, wonderful yeast smell to it. Plus, it came in a kick-ass cardboard box that had a picture of King (Mad) Ludwig's castle on it, probably the most beautiful piece of architecture in the world. If I was a college student with money, I'd keep a steady supply of this stuff and wallpaper the room with the packages. Sadly, however, I'm just a suburban husband and father who must live with my wife's decorating decisions.

Reviewed: December 28, 2002

Rating: 7/10

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