Erdinger Weißbier Dunkel

Erdinger Weissbräu


I'm going to be real honest with you (because I've clearly been lying to you about all the other beers). I'm not too sure how this tasted. I had this on Monday, June 9, 2003, the night the Devils won their 3rd Stanley Cup. I had to pick out a beer from my stock, saw this, and thought, "yeah, this looks like a championship beer." And I was right, dammit. I can say it's a nice, smooth weißbier, rich flavor, but that's about it. I nursed it, enjoyed it, and when the game had about a minute left and the Devils were up 3-0, and I had about an inch left in the glass, I toasted my friends Kris and John long distance (guys, I would've given anything to have been there with you). Drink this beer and your team will win a championship. That's all I can say. And if you take my advice and they don't win, then sorry, I guess your team sucks. Maybe you should become a Devils fan.

Reviewed: June 14, 2003

Rating: 8/10

Steve couldn't tell you how this tasted, but I can. Absolutely delicous. Dark, with a tan head, it was malty and complex, everything a dunkelweiss is and a hefeweizen isn't. I enjoyed this over a pair of Neurnberger bratwurst, German potato salad, suerkraut, and brottchen (bread). Just fantastic. Find this beer if you can, and next time you're grilling brats, plan to crack open and savor this beer. Oh, and this a pre-emptive "bite me" to Steve when he points out how badly I butchered all the German words.

Reviewed: May 14, 2005

Rating: 8/10

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