Leikeim Premium Bavarian Pilsner

Brauerei Leikeim


Most of you will find some similarities to the larger German imports, like Becks, which is good because this is in the same style. This is a pale lager with a dry, malty taste and a hint of a hoppy finish (at the risk of sounding like my gay beer calendar, more like a "whisper") that fades quickly with little aftertaste. This style doesn't jump out and grab you like some, but you will appreciate this in the warmer months. This comes in a neat Bugelflaschen (flip-top bottle, like Grolsch). Currently available in the metro-Philly area, soon to be available in NJ, DE and MD. Thanks to our new friends at Reinheit Importers LLC for the sample.

Reviewed: July 27, 2003

Rating: 7/10

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