Leikeim Bavarian X-Winter

Brauerei Leikeim


Unlike a lot of seasonal winter beers, this one doesn't have an explosion of flavor that includes spices and such. Instead, it was cool, refreshing, and malty. Maybe if you actually spent the day on the slopes working up a thirst instead of sitting on your ass in front of a fire, this would be the right beer. I liked it. Reminded me of the pilsner, easily as good. I look forward to trying the rest of Leikeim's product line.

Reviewed: July 27, 2003

Rating: 7/10

Watching the NHL playoffs this year, I have to wonder... Who the hell uses a one word adjective to name their team? All other teams I know are nouns. Devils, Senators, Ducks; all nouns. Even the Rangers, although I ceased to consider them a professional hockey team years ago. Professional spring golf is more like it. But Minnesota, in their infinite wisdom, have named their team the Wild. Why? Well, I could care less really, thanks to this fantastic beer. Great taste, nice alcohol content. A definite must-have on those chilly Minnesota winter evenings when you're trying to name a hockey team and the cold apparently saps your ability to think.

Reviewed: August 09, 2003

Rating: 8/10

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