Leikeim Schwarzbier

Brauerei Leikeim


A tasty, rich deep-flavored beer, this was quite enjoyable. In my opinion, not nearly enough of this type are available in the US. Germans excel at brewing dark beers that don't make you cringe, like Guinness when I first tried it. This is available in limited areas right now, but when you see it come to your market, you better grab it.

Reviewed: August 09, 2003

Rating: 7/10

One look at this and I thought I would cringe. This black beer is exactly that, black. But it's much smoother than it looks. Great taste, also. And all that drinking it almost two years past its "good through" date of 7/1/2003. Definitely get this if you can. And then make fun of your friends that still drink megaswill.

Reviewed: November 20, 2005

Rating: 9/10

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