Shiner Light

Spoetzl Brewing Co


Damn. I'm still trying to figure out the point of low-carb beers. If you're drinking beer but worried about carbs, your priorities are out of whack. It's like watching some tub of lard order a Big Mac, Super-Size fries, an ice cream sundae, and a diet Coke. I bought this beer on a whim, and now I regret it (anyone want two-thirds of a six pack?). Regular Shiner ain't that great, and this is of course a pale imitation. Tastes vaguely Shiner-like, with that disconcerting sour taste similar to Michelob Ultra. Is that nasty taste in all low-carb beers?? My wife summed this beer up more succintly. She wrinkled her nose when she smelled it, then took a sip, poured the rest out and said, "What is this, Budweiser"?

Reviewed: March 20, 2004

Rating: 2/10

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