Bürgerbräu Wolnzacher Roggenbier

Burgerbrau AG


This is brewed in Wolnzach, home of Germany's Hops Museum (I threaten my daughter that if she's not good, I'll take her there). Unlike your average beer, this is brewed predominantly with rye malt, not barley malt or wheat malt that most of us are used to in German beers. This is very much unfiltered and unpasteurized, evidenced by the solid floating masses of what I assume were pieces of rye (yeast is not usually that big). They almost looked like the wet pieces of lint you find in your washer. Its texture reminded me a lot of a Weiss, but not as good as the better brands that I've had. I usually like rye ales, but I wasn't too fond of this. Then again, since it's unpasteurized, it could've been an old, bad sample.

Reviewed: June 05, 2004

Rating: 3/10

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