Saranac Hefeweizen

Matt Brewing Co


This is actually the 2nd review I provided....I reread the first one and it sounded too nice. I had another bottle of this (my last, thankfully), on a hot day in mid March (the perfect time to drink a hefe), and I wanted to cry. It looked like a Hefe, and smelled a little like a Hefe, but this was just awful. There is nothing that will ever convince me to try another Saranac Hefe, because they totally blew this one. Germans have been making these for hundreds of years, did it occur to someone from Matt Brewing to actually try a real German Hefe to see how it should taste? Or did they just follow a recipe, assuming whatever they brewed would be good? And you know what they say when you assume something.

Reviewed: April 24, 2004

Rating: 1/10

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