Gerstel N/A

Henninger Brauerei


Never thought I'd be reviewing a near-beer. After disastrous encounters with O'Douls, Sharps, and Cutter, I pretty much had sworn off the stuff. But this burnt fool's fingers wobble slowly back to the fire as I pick up one of my wife's Gerstels. Hello--quite lovely golden yellow color, malty aroma. Surprisingly delicious, even if lacking the pleasing alcohol bite. Folks, there may be the rare time in your beer-drinking careers when you really want one, but know better than to risk the alcohol. If you still want the beer taste--and this time, I'm serious, TASTE--pick up a six-pack of Gerstel. This is worth having in your beer fridge.

Reviewed: December 18, 2004

Rating: 6/10

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