Neuschwansteiner Bavarian Lager

Privatbrauerei Höss


I know for accuracy, Kris is going to check the spelling on this beer, and he can go right ahead. I'll give him $100, though, if he can pronounce it correctly (Ed. note: Why on earth would I care to? -Kris), without getting help from anyone. Great label, beautiful picture of Schloss Neuschwanstein (is there a bad picture of this castle?) and two swans (Schwäne). Mad Ludwig would be proud. It makes me want to get on the next plane and fly to Bavaria. Although, when I get there, I might try something other than this beer. It wasn't bad, but I think I was expecting a lot more. Little hop presence, fairly clean drinking, and it's good for a summer's day, but I think I was hoping for something more German, more powerful. Like the castle. Instead I got something pretty and delicate, but not threatening, like the swans.

Reviewed: March 05, 2005

Rating: 5/10

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