Old Style

G. Heileman Brewing Co


Most beer snobs will gladly talk all day long about their favorite beers. Ultimately, the conversation will turn to their favorite "cheap" beer. Whether money is tight, or you're stuck at a party hosted by a beer heathen, or you just want a lighter beer for camping or a car race, we all have one. Mine is Old Style. The taste? There's not much to it. Light, a little malty, not too alcoholic, lightly hopped, but the flavor is somehow fresher, less rank than BudMillerCoors. Plus, the cans are entertaining. When you're drunk you can look for the frog, or the monk taking a leak. It earns points because it's not nasty like it's counterparts. I will say it's MUCH better bottled than in a can, but I can say that about any beer.

Reviewed: December 27, 2003

Rating: 6/10

"It's our great beer and those other guys can't have it". That was the slogan of these Old Style commercials that depicted New Yorkers coming to Chicago and trying to steel cases of Old Style, back in the day. I moved to Canada long before I ever had a chance to swig the Old Style. But on a recent visit to Chicago I found a scuzzy bar called the "Randolph Inn" and had a few. Truly a memorable Chicago experience, and one I won't forget. The beer is somewhat forgettable though. Although in the US beer market perhaps it would be more memorable. It's an easy drinking lager, but not nearly as watery as what so many of the major US breweries pump out. It has taste, and a decent one at that.

Reviewed: June 07, 2003

Rating: 6/10

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