Doppel-Hirsch Bavarian Doppelbock

Privatbrauerei Höss


A deer hunter's dream, the label has two 12-point bucks charging into each other, and it has a nice warming 7.2 ABV, perfect for the chilly hunting season (disregard the fact that the average hunter is out there lubricating himself with Bud Light or Natural Light). This is my first double bock of the fall season, 1 day before the start of Oktoberfest, on the first day of the year when the AC goes off and the windows get opened (which will stay that way until late October.....I love Atlanta). It has a nice roasted toffee-like taste, and fairly bold and rich. Although, I think I'd still lean towards my usual favorites of Salvator or Celebrator.

Reviewed: April 02, 2005

Rating: 6/10

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